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categoría Xinxeram

Manacor | Majorcan

Honest cuisine in the heart of Manacor

"Xinxeram Manacor The restaurant offers the best of traditional Mallorcan cuisine in a friendly, family environment.    A menu full of local cuisine with spectacular dishes and some products and raw materials of the highest quality.    Be sure to test your snails, its exquisite Mallorcan soups or unmatched "gerret" with pa amb oli, a delicacy.    A ribeye a sepia toast, cod Mallorcan ... culinary delights accompanied by toasted vegetables.    The Xinxeram that has survived generations since 1975, also makes a firm commitment to the gin and tonics. Missed. "

categoría Peix Vermell

Lonja | Rice/Paella

The pleasures of the sea in the heart of Palma

"The Peix Vermell restaurant transports you the best of sea to Palma. A cute and different restaurant with a tasty menu.   Here you will find excellent rice, fresh fish, delicious meats and a variety of salads and vegetarian food.   This beautiful corner straddling Sa Llonja and Born and seduces by its decoration, but also for some recipes without equal.   Foie cake with calvados, cod confit, paella "sense feina" ... All in Peix Vermell tastes different.   Be sure to ask about the fish and shellfish that are off letter. Sure that this site amaze you. "

categoría Tomeu - Boutique Hotel Sant Jaume

Old town | Creative

A classic Majorcan cuisine concept

" A classic Majorcan cuisine concept where product and ingredients from the Balearic Islands take centre stage so we can showcase the main dishes of Majorca with a special nod to the city of Palma and its surrounding area. Our objective is for “even the most local to become universal”. Our roots have become a starting point to explore and discover through taste and our other senses."


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